CompResolve: Aged Accounts

CompResolve is designed to collect “difficult and time consuming accounts” or “backlog” that have aged significantly but have not yet been written off.
This is an “on demand” service that you can activate by simply sending EnableComp a claims file. It relieves your staff of the arduous task of working such claims and will result in a quicker path to revenue and correct payment.

Payer Verification and Review

EnableComp uses Enforcer, our proprietary software to identify the correct payer and address for bill submission to insure that bills are going to the right place the first time to expedite payment to your facility.

To ensure proper payment, all EOBs must be reviewed and accounts compared on a line-item level. Enforcer, allows our Revenue Specialists to efficiently identify and appeal virtually all underpaid items.

Denial Management

We quickly identify claims that are denied as not related to a work injury and provide the necessary documentation for your facility to promptly pursue reimbursement from the health insurer or the patient.

Status Documentation

Weekly text-based collection notes files can be uploaded into your hospital database to insure that patient account status are updated.